Our motivation and mission are to eliminate all technical barriers that prevent the enjoyment of reproduced music. We prioritize addressing the biggest limitations first and move on to the next. Currently, our research and development efforts are focused on loudspeaker transducers, which are the most significant overall quality limitation, and the audio power amplifier, which has traditionally been the weakest link in the electronics chain. Our methods and principles emphasize the importance of thoroughly understanding the problems we encounter before attempting to solve them. We value the development and verification of accurate mathematical models, which enable fast virtual prototyping and ‚fail-fast-forward‘ approaches. Our approach is to build what we simulate and simulate what we build. We have a deep understanding of analog and digital systems, as well as all domains of electromagnetics, mechanics, and acoustics. We believe that all that matters for the sound quality can be measured although we often have to develop new measurement methods that are indicative of the subjective sound quality. We direct all R&D efforts on such measurable metrics. If this does not agree with the listening results we improve our objective metrics.

USHINDI – Ultra Low Distortion Transducer Technology

Our research and analysis, starting from the ground up, have uncovered fundamental flaws in conventional transducer designs. By identifying and addressing obstacles layer by layer, we have developed several new patented and patent-pending technologies. The results are astounding and set records both objectively, in terms of measurements, and subjectively, based on listening tests.

EIGENTAKT – Ultra Low Distortion Amplifier Technology

Thanks to our breakthroughs in nonlinear control theory and advanced mathematical modeling, we have developed a new patented amplifier topology that is numerically optimized for the best possible tradeoff between headroom and error correction. As a result, EIGENTAKT has currently achieved more than ten times better error attenuation than our nearest competitor. Moreover, our engineers have a keen focus on robustness and adhere to the best practices of industrial and automotive design, resulting in the development of extremely reliable products.

Okto Research

Okto Research, based in Prague, specializes in the design and manufacturing of high-end digital-to-analog converters. With a current lineup of two models, we are dedicated to delivering products that not only excel in performance but also inspire with their aesthetics. Our development process embraces unconventional approaches and explores uncharted paths to achieve perfection.

We pride ourselves on our in-house manufacturing capabilities, where meticulous attention is paid to every aspect of production. For the fabrication of mechanical components, we partner with leading manufacturers in the Czech Republic and Italy, ensuring the highest quality.

Our commitment includes exceptional technical support, both within and beyond the warranty period. We guarantee the availability of every component, down to the last screw, ensuring our customers enjoy uninterrupted use of their Okto Research products.

We believe in setting the highest standards of quality, a principle that underpins everything we do and fills us with pride as we deliver our products to you.

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GIK Acoustics

“Pro Look. Pro Build. Pro Results.”
Since its establishment in 2004, GIK Acoustics has been a pioneer in advancing room acoustic treatment across diverse spaces. Specializing in crafting absorption and diffusion products, GIK Acoustics has grown into a global leader, outfitting studios, homes, and commercial establishments with exceptional acoustic solutions. Trusted by music enthusiasts, industry professionals, corporations, and institutions, the company has made its mark through commitment to quality, customer satisfaction and sustainability.
Originating in Atlanta, Georgia, GIK Acoustics has expanded its presence globally. Rapid and reliable delivery is a hallmark, with strategically located facilities in the US, UK, and EU ensuring accessible and efficient product delivery for customers worldwide.


GIK Acoustics products are beyond simple do-it-yourself panels that are found on the market today. We start with only the highest-quality materials that will not sag or leak over time, then we build every panel by hand employing a unique two-frame system.


We start by helping customers determine the best products to treat their space with our free, expert Acoustic Advice. Our well-respected design team has years of experience and are available to provide assistance not only with product selection but product placement within your room.


Dollar for dollar, GIK Acoustics products absorb more sabins (sound) than any other product on the market. We provide our customers the most cost-effective solution to make every space sound it’s best.


When it comes to improving the sound quality in a room, many find the science to be overwhelming and the task of DIY’ing acoustic treatments to be daunting. Our solutions are based on the science of acoustics and one of the key dynamics to our success lies in demystifying sound dynamics and room acoustics. We are firm believers in education and our website is full of Educational Articles and Videos.


GIK Acoustics is also proud to have launched creative, unique products such as: the multifunctional PIB (Portable Isolation Booth), the decorative and effective Impression Series, and the striking,


It’s our commitment to use environmentally safe materials for all our products. We use ECOSE absorption material, eco-friendly wood and we offer customers recycled fabric options as well. Greensafe means GIK Acoustics products are friendlier on-air quality, the environment, and your budget.


Roon is a music management and listening solution that takes a very different approach to interacting with your music. Instead of seeing a spreadsheet-like view of your music (as with iTunes and almost all other media systems), Roon provides a very rich non-list-based experience, using credits, artist relationships, genres, lyrics, concert/tour dates, artwork, and more to allow for an informative navigation and exploration of your library. Roon manages digital music files collected on hard drives and networked storage. It can also watch your iTunes library, and optionally integrate with the TIDAL, Qobuz, and KKBOX music streaming services.

Roon cleans up your music library, upgrades the metadata associated with your music, and provides a user interface that is far richer than anything else out there. Roon makes music exploration and discovery both informative and fun. Roon provides no-compromise audio perfection. Bit perfect playback of lossy and lossless file formats, including high resolution audio content (PCM and DSD). Additional conveniences such as crossfading and volume normalization make it suitable for both concentrated listening sessions as well as social events.

Roon manages your audio renderers (the things that make sound). Whether they be built-in sound devices, like your laptop’s audio output, a USB connected DAC, or even networked audio devices.

Roon is an application suite that must be installed. It is not a website. It runs on Macs, Windows PCs and Tablets, Linux PCs, Android Tablets, Apple iPads and iPhones. Support is provided on the Community Site, and membership details and configuration are provided on the Roon website.

Roon uses your music files, Internet Radio streams, and content from the TIDAL and Qobuz streaming music services, but doesn’t come with any music.

And, Roon ARC is our free app that lets you enjoy Roon on-the-go. All your favorite music and Roon features are within reach no matter where your adventures take you!

The Roon software is constantly being improved and updates are always free of charge to licensed users.

Roon Server

The Roon Server is the brain of your system. It manages your music files, streaming services, and your audio devices. The simplest, most powerful Server is a Nucleus. But you can also download and install it for free on Mac, Windows, Linux, select QNAP and Synology NAS devices, and Intel NUC running ROCK.

Audio Devices

Roon streams to your audio devices, whether they’re on your network or connected via USB or HDMI. Play a different song in every room, or play the same music all around your home. You can even listen on your mobile devices.

Roon Remote Control

Roon Remote connects to Roon Server when you’re at home, letting you browse, discover, and play music via your home network. You can install the free Roon Remote app on as many devices as you want. It’s available for iPad, iPhone, Android tablet and phone, Mac, and Windows.


KLIPPEL is an innovative leader in providing unique test equipment for electro-acoustical transducers and audio systems. Founded in 1997 by Dr. Wolfgang Klippel, the novel techniques developed for control and measurement systems of loudspeakers and other transducers are the result of over 30 years of fundamental research. This provides more accurate physical models of loudspeakers, micro-speakers and headphones valid for both small and large amplitudes. The focus is on revealing the root causes of signal distortion and defects and giving practical indications for improvements in design and manufacturing of audio products.

KLIPPEL offers a broad portfolio of products and services. The main products are the KLIPPEL Analyzer System with the R&D applications and QC System (End-of-Line Testing) and the KLIPPEL CONTROLLED SOUND TECHNOLOGY. These cutting-edge technologies have changed the way loudspeakers are developed and manufactured in the audio industry.

The KLIPPEL Analyzer System empowers engineers around the globe in creating, evaluating and testing audio products over the full life cycle in the lab, on the production line and in the field. Based on a common hard- and software platform, these tools allow products to be created that exceed the end-user’s expectations while minimizing manufacturing costs. KLIPPEL ‘s vast research on acoustics, loudspeaker modeling and system identification is the basis for unique measurement and simulation tools as well as innovative DSP algorithms.

The KLIPPEL CONTROLLED SOUND TECHNOLGY (KCS) stands for a new paradigm in active loudspeaker control and correction. The adaptive control structure is based on electro-acoustical modeling and combines real-time monitoring of the transducer parameters with active protection against thermal and mechanical overload, nonlinear distortion cancellation, system alignment and stabilization of the voice coil position.

KLIPPEL leads the industry with measurement and control technology based on fundamental research along with many years of practical experience and high-level support and education.


You may be reasonably happy with the sound of your audio system, but it almost certainly suffers from some or all of the following:

  • blurred playback and missing focus

  • incorrect timbre and coloration of the sound

  • inarticulate vocals and unnatural sounding instruments

  • missing details and subtleties

  • a stalled reverberation

Is this your vision about a high-end reproduction of music?

You can do something about it, there is a solution!

You can be successful in your desire to reproduce the music as close as possible to the real content of the recording. If you optimize the frequency response and the time accuracy of your audio system at your listening position(s) in your home you will be surprised at the magnitude of improvement!

We have the right tool for this purpose – Acourate

The groundbreaking technology to achieve neutral music reproduction, without coloration, has been refined and perfected by Acourate. The Acourate FIR filters guarantee high-end playback and optimizes musicality. Discover the hidden properties of your loudspeakers and get the best out of your listening environment. Acourate has been used by dedicated and discerning music enthusiasts since 2006.

ROSE Handwerk

The cooperation between ROSE-HANDWERK from Meschede-Freienohl and the „loudspeaker icon“ Joachim Gerhard (Süsskindaudio) from Brilon has resulted in a new loudspeaker brand „made in Sauerland“, the Joachim Gerhard Collection!

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Joachim Gerhard

Joachim Gerhard is a renowned figure in the world of high-end audio and the founder of Audio Physic, a German loudspeaker manufacturer. Audio Physic is known for producing high-quality, precision-engineered loudspeakers that are highly regarded among audiophiles.

Joachim Gerhard’s passion for audio and his desire to create speakers with exceptional sound quality led him to establish Audio Physic in 1985. He has been actively involved in the design and development of Audio Physic loudspeakers, striving to achieve accurate and realistic sound reproduction.

Gerhard’s approach to loudspeaker design emphasizes careful attention to detail, advanced engineering techniques, and the use of high-quality components. Audio Physic speakers are known for their elegant designs, excellent build quality, and remarkable sonic performance. They have gained a reputation for their ability to deliver an engaging and lifelike listening experience.

Over the years, Audio Physic has released numerous speaker models, ranging from compact bookshelf speakers to floor-standing towers. Their products have received critical acclaim and have been highly sought after by audio enthusiasts worldwide.

Joachim Gerhard’s expertise and dedication to audio engineering have played a significant role in establishing Audio Physic as a respected brand in the high-end audio industry. His contributions have helped shape the company’s philosophy and commitment to producing exceptional loudspeakers.


SEAS Fabrikker AS, located in Moss, Norway, is a renowned manufacturer of high-quality loudspeakers and drivers. With a history dating back to 1950, the company has established itself as a leading player in the global audio industry. Known for its commitment to innovation, SEAS Fabrikker AS continues to produce cutting-edge sound solutions for both professional and consumer markets.